Frequently asked questions

  1. Is it necessary to wear special clothing and accessories? No, we provide you with a protective outfit and individual safety equipment. Trainers or boots are essential. It is advisable to keep long hair tied back.
  2. Is it compulsory to finish a trail once it has been started? No, it is only necessary to complete the green trail. Once you get to the end of this trail you can leave the park. At any point along the trail it is possible to interrupt your activity.
  3. What is the maximum height of the equipment? The equipment ranges from 4 to 14 metres in height.
  4. Should users of the trail be physically fit? No, users of the blue and green trails need to have a normal level of physical fitness whereas users of the red trail need strong arms and a good sense of balance.
  5. How does the ticket system work?  There are two types of ticket – morning and afternoon. The morning ticket is valid from 9am to 1.30pm and the afternoon ticket is valid from 1pm to 6pm. Final admission is a 5pm. It is possible to repeat a trail several times while the ticket is still valid.
  6. What does the entrance price include? The entrance price includes: the briefing (introduction to the park), the use of equipment to be able to undertake the activities in the park (helmet, gloves, outfit,  harness, special ropes, two pulleys, grips) staff assistance along the trail;
  7. Who can use the park? 5 & 6 year olds must be accompanied by an adult.  6 to 10 year old should be accompanied by an adult although this is not compulsory. There are no other restrictions except that all users must be at least 110 cm tall and their weight must not exceeed 120 kg.
  8. Is booking required? For safety reasons no more than 60 people can use the park at any one time. Booking is advisable for groups of 15 or more.
  9. Is it dangerous? The park meets all the legal safety requirements. All individual safety equipment has been approved and is suitable for the activities within the park. Qualified staff are on hand to ensure your safety but it is essential to follow at all times the instructions given. Users of the park must obey the Park rules
  10. What is the average duration of a trail? This depends on each individual’s capabilities as well as on the number of users in the park at any one time.
  11. The weather. In the event of extreme bad weather the management reserves the right to close the park and evacuate all users from it. Mild bad weather conditions do not lead to the closure or the non-opening of the Park.

All fields are mandatory
2700 m160 cm
1800 m110 cm
1300 m70 cm