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Before planing your ski day, your tour or your mountain trekking take a look at the live weather forecast.

02/03/2024 - 04/03/2024

Very cloudy or overcast
Morning -1.2° | 1.4° Wind: 1.6km/h Precipitation 0mm
Overcast with a mix of rain and snow
Afternoon 1.3° | 3.2° Wind: 5.3km/h Precipitation 0.2mm
Overcast with sleet
Evening 0.8° | 1.1° Wind: 12.7km/h Precipitation 0.1mm
Overcast with snow
Morning 0.3° | 1° Wind: 3.7km/h Precipitation 1.1mm
Overcast with snow
Afternoon -0.2° | 0.3° Wind: 4.6km/h Precipitation 1.4mm
Overcast with light snow
Evening -0.2° | 0.3° Wind: 2.2km/h Precipitation 0.8mm
Scattered clouds with long, clear spells
Morning -2.4° | 1.1° Wind: 1.7km/h Precipitation 0mm
Scattered clouds with long, clear spells
Afternoon 3.4° | 8° Wind: 1.4km/h Precipitation 0mm
Clear or partly cloudy
Evening 0.3° | 6.7° Wind: 1.8km/h Precipitation 0mm
Source: 3B Meteo
Weather forecast
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