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Bike Park Regulations

Before entering the Bike Park you are requested to read these regulations on how to behave:

  1. A good knowledge of basic mountain bike riding techniques on all types of terrain is required
  2. It is advised to approach the trails with technical expertise, proper preparation and an adequate psychological and physical fitness
  3. It is compulsory to wear a full helmet at all times plus eye, torso, arms and legs protection
  4. It is compulsory to start with a practice run at low speed
  5. For the safety of everyone it is compulsory to approach the trails with the correct means in good working order
  6. It is compulsory to maintain the minimum safe distance between yourselves and the person in front
  7. When stationary you must leave the trail clear
  8. Any notices along the trail must be observed: signs must be noted and obeyed
  9. There are no security measures and/or right of way for cyclists on the slopes, you must behave in accordance with normal traffic rules. It is absolutely forbidden to access any trail that is not signed or any trails that are not part of the Bike Park
  10. It is forbidden to access any trails that are signed closed (that are unfit for use or closed for maintenance)
  11. Minors must be accompanied by an adult who will assume responsibility for them, explaining and reminding them of these regulations and supervising them at all times
  12. Rain increases danger on the trails, we advise, therefore, not riding or at least taking greater care when the trails are wet
  13. It is forbidden to ride the trails when the ground is too wet and/or logged with water or snow
  14. Maximum care must be taken when crossing footpaths or other trails. Maximum respect must be shown to cars, other motor vehicles and walkers who could be on the trails (attention also to possible forest maintenance such as steps, drops and channels)
  15. In every case you must always give priority to non motorized excursionists
  16. Slow down and take care when approaching or overtaking other excursionists, on foot or on horseback, making sure that they are aware of your presence.
  17. Always check your speed when approaching a turn in case you should meet someone
  18. The pace should be adapted to the type of terrain and the rider's experience
  19. The environment must be respected at all times: do not disturb wild animals and don't shout loudly
  20. Do not leave any rubbish! Pick up any rubbish left by others!
  21. Respect public and private properties, including signs, leave barriers and gates in the same state as you found them
  22. Plan your day, check weather conditions and state of the trails, carefully check your mountain bike's condition and choose the correct clothing and equipment for your outing
  23. It is advisable to pedal in company, not alone, and to let someone at home know your itinerary. If possible carry a mobile phone with you so that, if necessary, you can call the emergency services
  24. Access to the mountain bike trails implies that the user accepts full responsibility for their conduct and any consequences of such conduct. Neither the directors of the lift pass company Colomion S.p.A nor the Bike Park (A.s.d. Colomion s.r.l.) will be held responsible.
  25. The user hereby exonerates the directors of the lift pass company Colomion S.p.A and A.S.D. Colomion s.r.l. from any responsibility for any damage sustained or caused to persons and/or objects whilst using the trails

Infringement of the rules of this regulation are punishable and will be sanctioned according to the law and applicable legislation.

Please be informed that the user's personal and identity data is collected in order to issue the bikepass ticket and that:

1) RFID technology and video surveillance is installed on the lifts. This system, along with the treatment of data regarding the users images (where present), has been introduced to control that only persons having the right to can gain access to the lifts and for reasons of safety and regular functioning of the lifts.

2) The data will be treated in hard copy, electronic and telematic formats with logics that are strictly related to the purposes. The detection of passages through the turnstiles will be automatically carried out by the system present in the Key card (RFID ticket) and on the turnstiles (RFID antenna); this detection provides an indication of the geographical position of each person using a network of electronic communications; such information, exclusively for nominated tickets, can only be made available to the bikepass ticket holder.

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