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Safety on the slopes

Safety on the slopes

To quote an old saying, "the speed of downhill is nothing without control", but here in Bardonecchia safety protocols are a very serious thing.

 These are the rules you have to follow in order to use the ski areas and snow parks safely.


#1 Avoid slopes that are too difficult for your level.

#2 Adjust your downhill speed based on your ability, the weather forecast and terrain conditions, and crowding level of the slope.

#3 Follow and respect the signs, accordingly adjusting your speed and behavior.

#4 Do not stop or wait in passing areas, low visibility areas and in slopes' bottlelnecks.

#5 Do not cross "no ski areas" to reach a slope.

#6 Be as careful as possibile when overtaking other skiers: remember that the skiers in front of you can't see what is happening behind them.

#7 Do not touch or modify the signs and incations.

#8 Always follow the warnings on risks, hazards, slopes' closings and limitations that you'll find at the ticket desk.

#9 It's your own responsability to inquire about the lifts' functioning and conditions while buying the ticket.


#1 The snowpark is a slope reserved for skiers and snowboarders, with jumps, kickers, ramps, skirails, moguls and its purpose is to do freestyle tricks.

#2 Before hitting a feature it is mandatory to inspect it and evaluate its difficulty level.

#3 Snowpark's features, just like normal slopes, are ranked by a color scheme: BLUE= medium difficulty; RED = difficult; BLACK = very difficult.

#4 It's your own responsability to evaluate the difficulty level of the features based on your ability and your gear, and always hitting them with caution.

#5 Wearing a helmet is mandatory for everybody in the snowpark, even if you're 18+. We suggest wearing other protective gear too.

#6 All the features must be ridden by one person at a time.

#7 It's forbidden to stop on or near a feature.

#8 In case of a fall, get yourself out of the way as fast as possibile.

#9 By using the snowpark you take full responsability for any crash, inicident and damage that may occur to yourself and others.

#10 Except for what is stated here, in the snowpark the same rules apply, as above, for all slopes.

#11 The management always have the right to close the snowpark or single features, or to forbid someone to use it due to their dangerous behaviour.

#12 Using the snowpark, as skiing in general, is a sporting activity that comes with some risks: you need to be physically fit, careful and be conscious of your ability.

#13 In case of any injury, the management of the snowpark and the ski lift company guarantee emergency rescue, but take no responsability.

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