Where to park

Another reason to love Bardo?

You can park for free right ath the bottom of the Campo Smith, Les Arnauds, Melezet and Jafferau lifts.

 Beware: as per ordinance n.17 of 27/02/2020 it is explicitly forbidden to stop in the following places:

  • Regione Molino - Campo Smith parking,
  • parking called "Topolini", Viale della Vittoria - next to Campo Smith roundabout (ski resort side),
  • parking next to the cemetery in Via Mallen.

Do you have an electric car? You can charge it:

 In the Campo Smith car park where you will find 3 charging points, so while it is filling up with energy, you discharge it with a good ski!

Do you have a camper? There are equipped areas!

In Bardonecchia we also have an area equipped for campers at the Valle Stretta campsite at Pian del Colle. Unless expressly prohibited by special signs, parking is allowed anywhere, but note that camping activities outside the designated areas are never allowed.

Remember instead that camping activities outside the areas equipped for campers are never allowed.

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