Bardonecchia Ski Estate

The magic of an evening meal on the slopes

If you want to make your holiday truly memorable then why not book an evening meal in one of the chalets or restaurants on the slopes! A moonlit dinner at high altitude is the perfect ingredient to add that touch of magic to your evening and at the end of the meal you can make your way back to the resort on a snowcat. If you are feeling a little less adventurous after a warming shot of grappa you can always wrap up against the elements and walk back down with the aid of a torch and in the company of your friends. Or you can even get a ride down on a snowcat.

The atmosphere is even more magical if you are lucky enough to have a moonlit evening and a sky full of stars.

To reach the restaurant you can use the ski lifts (for diners equipped with skis) or you can walk up with snow shoes. For the less energetic there’s always the option of a snowcat.

The mountain retreats in Valle Stretta and the chalets and restaurants on the slopes all offer a rich traditional Alpine menu and local produce. Some of the local dishes include polenta with cheese or game, gnocchi served with nettles, agnolotti (the local version of ravioli) with melted butter, salami and cured hams, typical regional cheeses and a wide range of wine from Piedmont.

The dessert menu is sure to have something to suit everybody’s taste and the meal wouldn’t be complete without a traditional mountain liqueur of grappa or genepy. Dinner on the slopes is a great way to spend a fun evening away from the hustle and bustle of the resort.


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