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Fun amongst the trees

The Park

Your fun park high up in the trees

Bardonecchia Adventure Park is an acrobatic park built in the trees using wires, platforms, rope and wooden structures that allow you to take a high walk through the woods. Numerous hanging challenges will put your balance, skill, concentration, coordination and physical strength to the test. Tarzan swings, rope bridges, tibetan bridges, rope ladders, zip wires and hanging traps are only some of the obstacles you will have to overcome to complete the course.

In the Bardonecchia Adventure Park you can choose between three different levels, from easy to difficult.

The Park consists of:

Green Course: an easy course suited to children and adults. Within this first course there are 3 artificial structures of increasing heights from 2 to 4 metres, these can be used for an initial attempt at this kind of activity. From the third platform (at a height of 4 metres) you can join the Blue Course.

Blue Course: easy-medium course that consists of 22 platforms up in the trees with various challenges between 4 and 7 metres above the ground.

Blue Vertige Course: medium-difficult course that consists of 9 platforms between 10 and 18 metres above ground level.

Red Course: Difficult course up in the trees consisting of 5 platforms between 6 and 10 metres above the ground.

Opening Hours:

from 9.00 to h.17.50

last access h.16.30

Have fun in a safe environment:

Use of the safety equipment supplied by the Adventure park is compulsory on all courses, this guarantees maximum safety.

Before starting the course you will be supplied with specific and certified DPI (individual safety devices). The Bardonecchia Adventure Park uses equipment provided by the French company Petzl because of its excellent quality


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di cui quota FEASR: 202.870,32
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