Bardonecchia, the splendour of the Alps

Bardonecchia, a resort in the middle of the wonderful Olympic mountains, has many panoramic viewpoints from where you can admire the natural beauty of the Alps. Whether you are horse-riding, cycling or simply taking a chairlift or gondola ride you can easily reach a wide range of beautiful spots with the most amazing views over the whole of Bardonecchia. 

The Panoramic Gondola Ride
Take the opportunity to view the beautiful scenery in the comfort of the Jafferau gondola that takes you up to an altitude of 2000 metres with wonderful views over the resort of Bardonecchia and the surrounding area. 

You can also take your bike on the gondola and once you get to the top there are many tracks on the Jafferau mountain with the most fantastic views and panoramic viewpoints. 
The Decauville
Follow the Sommeiller road, go past the village of Rochemolles and the old houses of Mouchecuite. On the right you go uphill until you come to a fork which leads to the Decauville, a path that was once used to transport material for the construction of a dam. If you follow this path (either on foot or by bike) which cuts across the mountain on the flat you reach the ‘Bacini’ and from here you get amazing views over the imposing Alps.

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