Bardonecchia Ski Inverno

A spectacular novelty is coming for the summer of 2019: Bardonecchia Alpine Coaster!

It is a two-seater sled that can be used in summer and winter and guarantees an exciting descent into the woods of Campo Smith, with parabolic curves, bumps and slope changes for more than 1000 meters in length; suitable for children and families.

We are waiting for you from Saturday 29 June 2019!


 1 RIDE  6,00€  5,00€
 3 RIDES  16,00€  
 6 RIDES  30,00€  
 10 RIDES  45,00€  








Bardonecchia Alpine Coaster is reserved for people aged 4 or over.

Users under the age of 8 must be accompanied by a person over the age of 12 and with a height of at least 1.35 m.

The one, whose responsibility is to control the vehicle by means of a special braking lever, must necessarily sit in the rear seat, scrupulously observe the regulations and instructions given by the staff in charge.

All fields are mandatory