Bardonecchia Ski Inverno

Bardonecchia Adventure Park

Bardonecchia Adventure Park is an aerial assault course with a series of cables, wooden platforms and ropes allowing the user to “walk” safely suspended high up in the trees in total safety.

A range of suspended equipment gives the park user the opportunity to test balancing skills, concentration, coordination and agility. To complete the trail the user must test his/her skills on the Tarzan swing rope, the Hunters’ Bridge, the Tibetan Bridge, the Parrot Ladder, the Zip-line and the Suspended Trap.

The Adventure Park is situated in Campo Smith in a wood of larch trees at the bottom of Mount Colomion. The Park was designed to fit in with its natural environment without disturbing the local flora and fauna. Users will enjoy being suspended in the trees, far from the deafening noises of the city, immersed in the peace and quiet of nature.

How to reach us

Bardonecchia Adventure Park can be easily reached by train or car. Free buses connect the park to the railway station. Both the A32 motorway and the SS24 secondary road go to Bardonecchia. Once you come into Bardonecchia follow the signs for the ski lifts at Campo Smith.

In the Adventure Park of Bardonecchia there are a number of trails of differing levels (green, blue and red) from simple to challenging. It is compulsory to use the protective kit and equipment which is provided directly by the Adventure Park to guarantee maximum safety. 

The park is made up of:

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All fields are mandatory
2700 m160 cm
1800 m110 cm
1300 m70 cm