Covid-19 infos

Covid-19 infos


Covid-19 infos


We need everyone to collaborate in order to have a safe ski trip.



In order to access any ski slope and lift starting from January 10th is MANDATORY TO HAVE a VALID SUPER GREEN PASS (vaccinated or recently healed from covid-19).

Also, on closed lifts or gondolas is mandatory to wear a FFP2 mask.

Skipasses are available online at, at automatic cash registers in Campo Smith and Melezet or at the normal cash registers.

If you need more informations on how to shop our skipasses you can visit or call 012299137.

How to buy online in a few easy steps:

  1. click this link
  2. Choose your skipass.
  3. Select the date.
  4. Log in and proceed with the payment.

 A surgical mask or above is needed to get to the lifts. For access to seletta4 chairlift and jafferau telecabin an ffp2 standard face mask must be worn.

 Do not come if your body temperature ecceed 37.5°.




Please maintain the safety distance in every situation and follow the in-place instructions to get to the cashier or the lifts. Our staff will be there assisting and giving all the needed infos.

It's mandatory to follow all the given instructions and to always get in line keeping a 1m distance from the people next to you.




Open lifts are 100% load capacity, instead the ones like gondolas and closed lifts are reduced to 80% load capacity.

For what concerns the resturants on the slopes all the rules are the same that apply to all other city restaurants (Super Green Pass), so we suggest to always call to book your table in advance.


In case covid-19 risk rate will raise all these protocols will change as well.

White or yellow zone: super Green Pass (vaccinated or recently healed from Covid-19)

Orange zone: super Green Pass (vaccinated or recently healed from Covid-19)

Red zone: shut-down of all the lifts.


We suggest before booking your trip and buying your skipass to check this website with all the news and rules on the current situation: CoronaVirus in Italy and to fill in this form with all your questions questionario Safe trip.




If you're planning to come back, remember to keep your card, you'll be able to reuse it in the future.

Go back to your car always keeping the safety distance.



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