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Viale della Vittoria, 46B
tel.: +39 0122 980799
fax: +39 0122 980725

Villaggio Olimpico


The olympic village is located within walking distance of the main ski area in Bardonecchia. It is well known as the accommodation for the olympic athletes during the Turin Olympics 2006.

It has a dynamic environment that feels young and fun. The village is also equipped with a fitness centre, spa and provides many other services. The 300 rooms are fully prepared to be warm, comfortable and welcoming. There are 2, 3 and 4 bed rooms, all of which have televisions, telephones and refrigerated minibars.

There are large recreation rooms for the guests including: a playstation room, 3D Golf simulator, internet points, a theatre, a big screen room, a pianobar and a nightclub. Within the village is a gym with state of the art equipment used by the athletes to ensure they could keep themselves fit during the Olympics.

There is an incredibly beautiful swimming pool and health spa complete with hydromassage, a sauna, a jacuzzi and Turkish baths. The village is entirely aimed at providing premium hospitality services including: 2 lunch rooms that serve buffets, children and teen clubs, covered parking spaces and heated storage for skis and bicycles.

website: Villaggio Olimpico

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