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High-diving World Cup

24th edition

On the 12th August, the amazing diving competition will take place at an altitude of 2000 meters with the world most prestigious specialists of this discipline.

11:00: qualifications

15:00: competition organized by the European federation of Sea Sport in collaboration with ENEL.

13 athletes coming from 11 countries and 3 continents will enthusiast the public with a unique and breath-taking show. Gaufres and local specialties to taste all day long.

We advise that you reach the site by using another way of transport than the car: you can use the gondola lift Biovej-Fréjus (Jafferau) then walk along the pedestrian route until the dike.

The gondola lifts will be opened until 18:30 so you can go back to Bardonecchia.

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